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  •  To bring together descendants of Captain John Kathan, the first Kathan settler to this country. Arriving in 1729 at Massachusetts with his wife and infant child, then moving            his family west to Worcester, north to Fort Dummer, and finally settling in 1753 in the area of Dummerston & Putney, (formerly Fulham) Vermont.

  •  To assist (our members and/or individuals) in identifying from which of the eight children of Captain John and Martha Kathan that they descend: Alexander (1729-1825),                Margaret (1730-1803), John (1732-1802), Mary (1734-1822), Martha (1736-1810), Esther (1738-1779), Lieutenant Daniel (1741-1807),  Col. Charles (1743-1793)  and Joseph              (1781-?), son of Captain John Kathan and 3rd wife Priscilla Winslow .

  •  To foster an interest in the Kathan Family History by creating a network of communication through the sharing of information – e.g.  Old family documents, family photos                and family stories, and by conducting periodic Kathan Family reunions.

  •  To preserve and perpetuate the heritage, history, and genealogy of our Kathan ancestors by means of establishing suitable memorials and publications for the benefit of                  future generations.

  •  To refurbish and maintain the Kathan Cemetery of Putney, Vermont, elevating it to a status of importance in the town’s history and preserving it with a historic marker as part        of a final resting place of the first Kathan settlers of the town.

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