Reunion 2013

We had a wonderful Reunion: a BIG THANK YOU to all who made this reunion possible. A special thank you to all our guests who helped to host this event. Ruth Barton, President and Laurel Ellis, Past President and current Board Member of the Putney Historical Society and Carol Bessette, representative of the Dummerston Historical Society. A very special thank you to Stuart Strothman, who worked hard to put together information about the history of Kathans in Putney as well as provided a fine display of research materials and historical documents relating specifically to Kathan families. 
Our fine speakers: 
Saturday Afternoon Program
  • Tom Giffin, President of Vermont Old Cemetery Association (VOCA) and a ninth generation descendant of Captain John Kathan. Tom gave us some wonderful information about the good work his organization does in Vermont and how to get help for improvements to a damaged or dilapidated cemetery in your area. Go to to find out more. There is a copy of the VOCA July 2013 Newsletter at the bottom of this page.
  • Vickie Storlie, Kathan Association Historian and Secretary. Vickie has been doing a wonderful job keeping us well informed with the newsletters she prints periodically. She brought a number of genealogical data books that she has been compiling of each of the children of Captain John and Martha to help our members find those missing persons in the members line.
Saturday Evening Program
  • Stuart Strothman, Past President and current Secretary of the Putney Historical Society and author of his new book, "Sackett". You can find out more information about this interesting story or order a copy at 
  • John L Scherer, historian emeritus of the New York State Museum in Albany and Kathan Family Association Vice President.
Our featured presentation for Saturday evening was our very own Kathan Association Vice-President, John L Scherer.  His power-point presentation gave us more insight into the true identity of Captain John Kathan's first wife Martha. According to Scherer, he believes her name was Martha Baird not Martha Moore. And that John and Martha were married in Northern Ireland and emigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony around 1730 with baby son, Alexander, as well as with other members of her family. Scherer's research was published in the Fall 2012 issue of Vermont Genealogy. His curiosity was aroused back in 2003 at the time of our 1st Kathan Family Reunion when he examined a file at the Putney Historical Society, which caused him to believe that David Mansfield's History of Captain John Kathan may have been wrong about Martha's family name.


On August 10 and 11, 2013, we celebrated our THIRD QUINQUENNIAL Kathan Family Reunion in Putney, VT. As it happened, the Putney Inn is celebrating its 50th year as an Inn and 30th year under the ownership of the Ziter family. 
THE PUTNEY INN ca1970         
Putney Inn circa 1970s

Putney Inn circa 2013

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