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Registration 2019 Reunion

There are two ways you can register and pay for attending our Reunion. 
First, we now have our Registration Form available online and the ability to pay through PayPal.

For Registration and Payment online:
Please READ the instructions FIRST then click on registration link below:
1. On Page 1 - Fill in the form completely. (Your EMAIL ADDRESS is important to us!)
2. On Page 2 - List the names as they should appear on name tags for yourself and the persons attending with you.  Then                            list your line from Capt John Kathan.
3. On page 3 - Make your selections for REGISTRATION FEE, BANQUET FEE and (OPTIONAL) T-SHIRT PURCHASE (Number of                        each size, x $12.00). 
                      Enter the Total, Then hit SUBMIT. The REGISTRATION SUBMIT BUTTON will assure your registration is                                  recorded. Next you must select the PAYPAL (DONATE) button to make your online payment. 
4. Click on link - Registration 2019 Form

5. Use your BACK BUTTON x2 to get back to this page and select the PayPal (DONATE) button  
   to make your payment
   The PayPal button DOES NOT work in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer browsers, you     will need come back in Google Chrome to use PayPal.    
   In PayPal, you will 1st see a screen like this 0.00. Just start typing the amount you are paying. No need to click                     on the zeros. Then select whether you are paying through your PayPal account or by Debit/Credit Card. Follow thru with         the instructions.

~~~ Once your payment is received, you will receive notification that your registration is complete. ~~~

6. Be sure to download the Kathan Reunion 2019 Schedule & Accommodation Information Form at the bottom of          this page.

To Register by Mail:
1. Click on the Registration PDF file BELOW.
2. Download the file and print it from your computer.
3. Fill out the form, make a copy for yourself, press the PayPal (DONATE) button and make payment. Mail or email completed registration form to:
    Mr. David Kathan
    4929 Dorset Ave.
    Chevy Chase, MD 20815  or  email to:

4. Send the completed registration form and enclose with a check/money order, payable to Kathan Family Association for the full amount and mail it to:

    Mr. David Kathan
    4929 Dorset Ave.
    Chevy Chase, MD 20815

    NOTE: Your registration will not be complete until your completed form and check is received by David Kathan. He will notify you by email that it     has been received. Please be certain to add your email address to your form.

D&S Kathan,
Apr 19, 2019, 9:00 AM
D&S Kathan,
Apr 19, 2019, 8:57 AM